Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beauty Junkies: Going CoCo for Coconuts

Beauty Junkies: Going CoCo for Coconuts: "Hello again Beauties:) Well, Halloween is passed and what's the next holiday in line??? Thanksgiving Feast, boy looking forward to eating g..."

Going CoCo for Coconuts

Hello again Beauties:)

Well, Halloween is passed and what's the next holiday in line??? Thanksgiving Feast, boy looking forward to eating good food and spending quality time with family and love ones:) its going to be a
rush holiday schedule coming up!  Are you ready for the holiday??

This month I wanted to share my favs and discover about coconuts!  I love coconuts specially the fresh
one and their juice. I have come to enjoy this fruit that we grow alot from the homeland (Philippines) I discover all the good benefits about coconuts.  Lets me start sharing with y'all the benefits of coconut water.  It naturally rehydrate the body with electrolytes due to exercise, consumption of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.  It also excellent source of  potassium, which potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart function. For those with dry skin pay attention, it also may help promote smoother , more hydrated skin which equals to less wrinkles<3 who wouldn't love that!  It has 15 times the amount of potassium as most sports drinks and more potassium than one banana!  And no fat, no cholesterol and

the best one no preservatives.  I encourage you to try coconut juice next time and enjoy the good benefits it offers.  Next time, I will share about the coconut oil and all the excellent benefits that comes along with this fruit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Junkies: Dry Skin Brushing

Beauty Junkies: Dry Skin Brushing: "Hello Beauties, I heard about this dry brushing technique long time ago. Heard it on one of the TV talk show, which I do not remember whic..."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dry Skin Brushing

Hello Beauties,

I heard about this dry brushing technique long time ago.  Heard it on one of the TV talk show, which I do not remember which one:( This beautiful model/actress shared little bit info. She was mentioning that its one of her daily beauty routine keeping her skin healthy and glowing.  At that moment, I wasn't too interested about this dry skin brushing.  I thought you have to go a spa to get this special treatment!  How i got interested about this dry brushing, as some you know that i had a jogging accident last weekend, I did hurt myself pretty bad and finally starting to feel better:) I suffered minor scrapes and sore with very tenderness knees up to this day.  My wounds on both knees are starting to heal but still look awful and having soreness around the area.  My lymph nodes in both legs were affected with the scrapes i  got  after the day of the little accident.  Well to make this story short, I kinda got interested about our lymph nodes in our body?  So I did some reading and research.  As when doing this research, I happened to read one the blog I follow religiously and her article was dry skin brushing. She was mentioning all the good benefits and how its good for detoxification inside our system. So I got so interested that I did some deep looking about this technique.  There's really  good benefits for our health.

You just have to spend a few minutes removing dead skin cells before your shower in the morning. But wait, here's more good benefits  it will also help get rid of cellulite, cleans the lymphatic system ( this is the one I really really like :D, and removes dead skins.  There's more, dry skin brushing helps stimulates hormonal glands, strengthen the immune system, stimulates circulation and much more good benefits.  So I am sold already!!!  To this day it is still popular in European spas and many cancer treatment center.

Here's a few tips it you'd like to try this yourself:

1. Dry brush you dry naked body before your shower or bathe preferably in the morning.

2. Use circular motions or long sweeping strokes starting the bottom of your feet upwards and towards
     your heart and not away.
3. Use lighter pressure as the skin is more sensitive when you work your way up.  No need to make your
    skin hurt!!
4. Finish up with your regular shower and ending with hot and cold cycles, (3X).  This will further in-
    vigorate your skin and stimulate blood circulation, bringing more blood to the outer layers of the skin.
5. Use a brush with natural bristle and not synthetic.  Look for one with the long handle with a detach-
    able head for flexible access to hard to reach areas.

You can find this kind of skin brush at any natural food market, Wal-Mart, Target and Health Food stores.  Better yet, online shopping is more convenient.

I hope i got you interested in this dry skin brushing, a good way to detoxify, the natural way!!!


BTW, I ordered mine thru this websites:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty tip for this week!!!!

Hello Beauties,

Want a skin tightener that doesn't  cost a lot in your pocket???
Here's good tip you can try at home, spread warm, wet coffee grounds on face and throat and let set for 30 seconds. The caffeine will tighten and firm the skin.  Rinse with warm water and you'll see those pesky wrinkles outta sight:)  I know you are going ask me how about just freshly brewed coffee grind from this morning coffee?  My answer to that is YES, but just do it right after your freshly brewed coffee is done and let the ground cool off a bit, you don't wanna burn your beautiful face!!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beauty Tips:)

Hello Beauties:)

Here's a beauty tip  for this week!!!!
If you have a liquid foundation that is a shade or two darker than you, try mixing in some
sunscreen moiturizer to lighten it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beauty Tips!

Hello Beauties,

Does your gel eyeliner ever get dried out?  I have the solution for you and still use the dried out gel liner!!!  So no need to throw it away, to revive it put a few drops of Visine or glycerin on the product:)
and voila!!!! I wanted to share this one with you because it really works!!!! I got this tip from a good
resource and hope you will give it a try.......


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Hello Beauties,

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!!!!! Now that everyone is back to their regular schedule and caught up with the duties at home I managed to squezzed in this little review of Aveda Volumizing Tonic.  Well let me tell you, Alleluja!!!!!!! I have found my magic concotion for my fine dark brown hair to give it more volume.  We love our big hair in Texas!!! (LOL) I purchase the product without thinking that it would give me what I've been looking for a long time.  I've tried different hair products to give my fine hair volume and found nothing to satisfy me :( From mousse, hair thickening serum, and yes a root volumizer whatever  is out there!! For so long I ended my hope and search and just really gave up.  Then, about 2 weeks ago when I was at the mall after checking out the Mac new collection of "Feline" I run across this product at the Aveda store.  They were having the promotion of the new hairspray that will give you a 24hr hold. Yes!!!!! 24hr hold, that's amazing.....anyway I found my self inside and got curios about a different product.  I started to asked question about it and the sales associates started to give me all the good info and benefits that i will encounter using this product.  So, I got sucked to buying it and I said to myself another product to get disappointment and not work for me:( See how very optimistic I am, I already decided that it was not going to work for me!!!  A waste of money again....
so later that evening I couldn't wait to try it out. I washed my hair again so I can find out if this is the ONE! I follow the simple instruction from the bottle and proceed to dry my hair with it.  Half way thru my drying hair I could already feel the difference in my strands of hair. (texture) It really gave me the volume i been looking for and gave my hair a shine which is a plus for me^-* So the end result, I was very impress and satisfy and yeah glad that I found it without looking for it.  Which by the way, works better for me, did that ever happen to you?  So, now its part of my daily routine in my hair care products. I would repurchase this product again..If anyone of you out there looking for a hair volumizer try checking out this tonic at your local Aveda store or salon when they sell Aveda products. 
Till next time again, hope I gave you some helpful info.
Happy hair day:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beauty Tips

Hello Beauties

September is here and I know pretty much some of you ladies are gearing up for a new season.  Well, since summer is not officially over yet and we are still having a warm weather let me share a beauty tip with you.  Are you still having problems with your makeup staying on your face and not melting off:( here's a simple tip to solve that problem.  For a thin coat of foundation/tinted moisturizer that lasts all day, use a damp sponge to stipple it on. And set with a translucent powder! Hope this tip works for you:)

Clarisonic PLUS

Hello Beauty,

I finally jump on the wagon of the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing world! Let me tell you that I just waited so long to purchase this machine. And I must say that why I waited this long!
(Well, to tell you the truth, I think because of monetary reason:( do I really need to spend this much for this machine?) Yeah, this baby cost over $200.oo !!!! I know pretty pricey just to clean your skin...let's forget about the price for a moment and tell you the good benefits of Clarisonic. It will gently clean your skin and pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals. I use mine with my Purity Simple by Philosophy:).  The cleansing is so effective that your skincare products absorb better.  I purchased mine in July and to this day been using it daily. Now, I am embarrass to say that I am hook using my Clarisonic!!!!  I started noticing changes on my skin just after couple of use. And liking the results am seeing:) its true my serums and moisturizer absorb better!!! Yes, I do have pores:) but luckily my pores are not humongously big! LOL  My face feels really clean after using it. I can really tell the difference between regular washing your face  and using the Clarisonic.  For me, I can truly say that it was so worth it buying and have made a good investment taking care of my skin.  I love it so much that I also decided to get the Clarisonic MIA in Berry, for traveling.
Because I wouldn't want to leave without it!!!! This product is amazing:)

So if you are still thinking about it and ready to join the wagon of Clarisonic world, head to your local Sephora, Nordstrom or checkout
Good luck and happy shopping!!!!!

FYI: Clarisonic PLUS sells for $225.00 plus tax
         Clarisonic MIA sells for $149.00 plus tax

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beauty Flash

Beauty tips:

Did you know that apples are good savers for your skin? Yes, apples contain malic acid which gently sloughs dead cells. To reap the benefits, fill an ice tray with apple juice and
freeze.  Next morning, grab a cube and rub it over face and under tired eyes for three minutes, then rinse.  The chill shrinks bags, the juice's acid exfoliates, and you're left with instant radiance.