Thursday, February 10, 2011

TLC for your dry hands

Hello Beauties,

Whoaaa, I know I've been lacking updating my beauty blog:( i have no excuse than laziness!!!!!!! Can I maybe blame it on the winter weather we're having still!!!  But today I did manage to blog and give you some remedy for your dry hands.  I know I've been suffering this dry hands for sometimes now! Believe me I do use hand creams, in fact a have few of them that I'm playing with to see which one works the best.  Usually, my loccitaine hand cream works really good on winter time, but somehow this winter this hand cream let me down:(  I also tried using the 100% Shea butter in the tin, it does work but after short time I can only start to feel my hands feeling so dry again that i need to reapply.  I do alot of work here at home and constantly washing my hands in between that sometimes I will admit that to lazy to crab my hand cream and slather it on! And Yes, I have it with me close to the kitchen sink so i can see it right away, after washing my hands and drying next isto put this hand cream. As I was looking  for something in my bathroom today, I came stumbled this One Step Manicure spa treatment for your hands, made with natural Lemon Oil, Beeswax and Shea Butter. I remember I bought this awhile ago and have only used it once or twice, I don't know why didn't I remember this and should have use it at least once or twice a week as my weekly treatment for my dry hands. So today, I finally got to use it and walla!!!! The solution for my dry hands:) I just massage a small amount for just one minute and paying attention to the cuticles, rinse and dry!!!! OMG, my hands needed this treatment so bad and right away it made my hands soft and hydrated:)  I didn't even have to put on additional hand cream.  I was so glad to find this in my bathroom!!! Cause I really didn't want to spend money on another hand point is, if you are suffering from dry hands this winter, try this one step manicure!! Its great also for exfoliation and treatment for your dry cuticles.  Your hands will  love it and thank you for it:)

I know my hands are happy and very soft!!!!!!

BTW, this treatment is by "SURGEON'S SKIN SECRET"

Hope you guys will try this treatment for you hands and hope it works for you too!!!!!
Till next time, ^-^